Nº27 – Oct/Dic 23


Santander – a city to savour

The aim of this magazine is to provide a practical and straightforward guide to the many and varied pleasures of the food served by some of the best, but not always the best-known, restaurants in our city. It is not a list of every single one there is, but it is a selection based exclusively on the quality of their cooking and our desire to include the unexpected alongside the more traditional and to cater for the broadest possible tastes at a wide range of prices.



Recommended establishment


Find our identifying sticker at the door of bars and restaurants in the city.

Palabras comestibles

Últimas entrevistas...

Gentlemen and I prefer blondes

Marta Hazas Cuesta · Actress

It’s what she always wanted to be, ever since she was small. Northern, but very flamenca, she lives in Madrid, always with an eye on Santander where s…

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The Walk of Fame in Tetuán means a whole lot more to me than the Hollywood one

Daniel Sánchez Arévalo · Filmmaker and actor

A native of Madrid through and through, Daniel so often reminds us that Cantabrian blood runs through his veins that most people think he actually was…

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The best diet is the one that we’re on in the Town Hall

Gema Igual · Mayor of Santander

She says that she’s trying to lose weight at the moment, but she’s feeling the pressure of her new job; even though she’s been a councillor for thirte…

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